"Do not shy away from trying new things."

My Journey While Moving Ahead In My Career:

Working and managing 40 children, all 3 years old is the most challenging. It is close to impossible to have all 40 listen to you and that too at the same time this is where I learned patience and customizing to the need of each one to help meet the common end goal.


Challenges Faced:

I started my company from a 3 tier city when my kid was just 2 years old. The startup ecosystem did not exist at all at that time, the firm was started by me and my husband. My husband had never worked in India, he had only worked in US until then. The work ethics and dynamics of working in India is very different from working in US. Being a mom was also a big challenge as there was hardly any support system. I remember attending so many meetings with my kid playing at the office. We believe in being customer funded rather than investor funded, thus ran our firm in bootstrap mode for good 5 years. The journey has been promising until now, we grew from 1 city to 15 cities in the 4 years time and are currently serving 130+ hospitals and have more than 60,000,00 health records on our platform.


Words Of Wisdom To Restart Your Career:

Keep working on your skill set even when you are not working, keep yourself up to the date. Do not shy away from trying new things. Make your kids independent from the beginning, create your support systemlook out for help from domestic maids, spend money on babysitter.